Probiotics – Restoring the Balance of Beneficial Bacteria

Oral probiotics are live bacteria that are identical to the beneficial microorganisms found naturally in your mouth. The addition of oral probiotics to an oral care regimen can restore the natural balance of beneficial bacteria, which can be depleted by diet, stress, medication, illness or other factors.

Including probiotics in your daily oral care regimen constantly reinforces the positive bacteria in your mouth and crowds out the unhealthy bacteria including those that can create bad breath. Additionally, oral probiotics support tooth and gum health, whiten teeth as well as freshen breath. ProBiora Health offers probiotics for humans and for pets.



Our probiotic products contain the active ingredient ProBiora3, a patented blend of oral care probiotics that supports gum and tooth health, promotes whiter teeth and fresher breath.

Scientific studies were conducted on ProBiora3 in order to market the ProBiora3 products under self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe status (“GRAS”). We sell our ProBiora3 products through multiple distribution channels. We continue to seek improvement in the performance of our oral care probiotics products, to better serve our customers, and we continue to evaluate new delivery systems, which we believe will enable us to deliver ProBiora3 more effectively to new markets.

A Comprehensive Oral Care Probiotics Technology

ProBiora3 is a proprietary blend of three naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria, including Streptococcus oralis KJ3, Streptococcus uberis KJ2, and Streptococcus rattus JH145, which supports gum and tooth health, whiter teeth and fresher breath. We believe that ProBiora3 is the most comprehensive oral care probiotics technology currently available in the oral healthcare market. The scientific basis for the oral health benefits provided by these three strains of bacteria has been documented in numerous peer-reviewed publications over the last 30 years.

Our ProBiora3 Products