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Better than I expected

Now to the results… they are surprisingly good. breath remains fresh for a long time. Gums take on a noticeably healthier tone. I took ProBioraPlus three times a day for the first two weeks. Brush and use a strong mouth wash after every meal and then wait a half hour and take an ProBioraPlus and let it slowly dissolve in your mouth. Don’t chew it! let the little good guys thrive. If your mouth waters, just swish it around in your mouth. it gives the good guys a chance to grow in number.

I only eat once a day and I only use one tablet now. Right after eating I bush and wait a half hour and take a mint. it’s really all I need.

I bet if you really got super aggressive you might also be able to completely eradicate gingivitis. I’d get a gum stimulator and use it just before brushing (or maybe before AND after). Then take an ProBioraPlus a half hour later each time. Give it three months of that kind of treatment and I bet you could get rid of at least the mild cases of gingivitis.

ProBioraPlus has worked better than I expected. I think you have to use it aggressively for at least a couple weeks to start seeing results. then, once a day (for me) seems to work fine. Those that eat three times a day may want to continue that way, but I think you could at least drop it back to two tablets a day and it would probably work.

ProBioraPlus has put a lot of thought into their product. I trust they will continue to improve on it.

– Tom

Love the results.

I’ve been taking the mints for two years now and love the results.

– Mike T.

I love your ProBioraPlus product

…and believe it contributes critically to my health.

– Cynthia B.

Very happy with product.

In fact, along with tooth/gum polish good gums, I have drastically improved the health of my neglected gums. Went from deep pockets (measuring up to an 8) of gingivitis to 2s & 3s in only 3 months. Hygienist was amazed. They had never seen any improvement that fast.

– Lea S.

It cured a bad infection in my wife’s jaw.

It was necessary to remove the implants she had to hold her dentures. We’ll start the ProBioraPlus again when the new implants are in place.

– Franz Z.

I want to emphasize how great ProBiora is

We love these things! I want to emphasize how great ProBiora is, I have really noticed a difference in my mouth (which was always pretty good). So had my dentist and hygienist, but they don’t really believe me when I tell them the only difference is using ProBiora.

– Roy M.

We cannot believe how white our teeth have become

My wife and I will be your testimonials. I told my dentist and she contacted the web page. She was amazed and thought I had been whitening my teeth for months!

– Hank!
Ps: my gums don’t bleed anymore

I also turned my dentist on to your product

…as it has been a factor in reducing the size of gum pockets. Nothing else changed in my routine, but the number of size four pockets has gone from 4-5 to 1-2. I also have more size two pockets.

If anybody is interested I can get the records from my dentist of the before and after

– John A.

I am your new best commercial.

I moved to Polk Co, Florida, last year and was amazed by how many people are missing teeth here. I am low income myself, have not been able to see a dentist for nearly 8 years, and was in danger of getting “Polk County mouth” myself. A friend gave me some ProBioraPet for my dogs. I thought it was one of those silly vitamin scams but put it in their food anyway. A month later, when I checked my 4lb dog’s teeth, I was able to flick old tarter off with my fingernail. She.needed a $300 dollar dental, which I was saving up for. Usually you need a jackhammer to get tarter off a dog’s teeth. I gave my dog a dental at home! Her teeth look amazing and she is no longer trying to murder me in my sleep with her breath.

Naturally, I freaked, and ordered ProBioraPlus for myself. 6 weeks later my teeth are gleaming, my gums stopped bleeding, and all the tarter is coming out!

So of course I am running around telling EVERYONE. My smile is so glow-in-the-dark white now that people keep asking if I get professionally whitened at the dentist. My dogs are working dogs amd it is a huge plus to have their teeth white and their breath good. I brush their teeth but that didn’t do much compared to a few weeks of ProBiora.
I am absolutely thrilled with your product. I will see a dentist on Dec 17.

Would you like to hear how it goes? At my last dental visit I was told I needed about $5,000 worth of work. Broken back tooth aside, which I probably still can’t afford to get fixed, my math tells me that $30 of your product will save me thousands of dollars, hours of trauma in the dentist’s chair, and let’s not forget ALL MY TEETH! Put me in a commercial!

– Susan M.