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I am AMAZED at the difference EvoraPet has made on my dog’s breath in just a few days

Really amazed! Thank you and thank you most of all for saving us from our dog’s dragon breath.


–Eric M.

I can only say that I have finally found a product that actually surpasses its claims

I really expected nothing, but was willing to try anything, after having seven of my 7 year-old Yorkie’s teeth removed and losing a continual battle against plaque and breath that could be classified as a potential weapon of mass destruction.

After only about a week of usage I noticed that he did not wake me up at night, just by coming into the bedroom and after about a month I am using it on all four of my dogs including a new Yorkie Poo puppy and all of them have clean white teeth and fresh breath. My male, whom I bought this for has nice white teeth for the first time, other than the day he came home from the dentist for a cleaning and his breath is pretty good. I still wouldn’t bottle it as air freshener, but it is no longer a struggle to be near him, he smells nice.

Thank you guys.

– Jerry H.

I am so grateful for this product

Thanks so much! I am so grateful for this product because I cannot afford the cost of having her teeth cleaned at the vet. I feel much better knowing that my cat is getting some form of dental care.

– Terri W.

EvoraPet has done wonders for our 2 dogs

It gives them delightful breath. Their breath was so bad, we would smell it even when they were a few feet away on the floor when we were sitting down or even standing up. Their teeth have gotten whiter too.

– Markus F.

My vet asked me if I was brushing their teeth.

I don’t usually provide input on a product. However, since I’ve used your organic product for my two Yorkies their teeth have shown significant whitening.

My vet asked me if I was brushing their teeth, to which I replied, no – using ProBioraPet.

– Bill B.

After three weeks, Max’s breath is clean!

Max – our 8 year old pound puppy, had breath that would down the strongest individual and he loved to share that breath. After three weeks of ProBioraPet, Max’s breath is clean, his teeth are whiter and gums looks healthier.

As a natural skeptic, all I can say is ProBioraPet works better than advertised.

– John D.

I LOVE it!

“I just wanted to let you know that I placed an order for ProBioraPet on auto-ship. I LOVE it! I have 2 mini Dachshunds, a breed notorious for horrible breath, and after a month on ProBioraPet, their breath doesn’t smell! I was amazed. I actually stuck my nose in their mouths and I couldn’t smell anything!”

– Heather P.

I’m truly a believer in your product!

First, I just want to say that your product seems to do wonders for our two dogs! Their teeth are very white and have very little tartar. Our vet has commented on how great they look. Their breath has none of the “dog breath” odor even though they frequently eat things outside they shouldn’t. One of them is four and the other 15 months, so they’re not all that old. But I’ve had several dogs before them and have never seem such great teeth, gums, and breath at either age. I’m truly a believer in your product!

– Craig H.