Bad breath is just natural for dogs and cats.
Or is it?

We love our pets, so we tolerate a lot from them. Including bad breath. After all, isn’t it unavoidable that dogs’ and cats’ mouths don’t smell like roses?

No, it’s not. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the most common causes of bad breath in dogs are bad oral hygiene and periodontal disease. The same applies to cats. Bad breath could indicate a more serious problem.

Learn more about your pet’s oral microbiome and oral probiotics.

What causes bad breath in pets?

Just like in humans, bad breath can indicate the build-up of plaque and tartar in your pet’s mouth.

Over time, too much plaque and tartar build-up can push the gums away from your pet’s teeth. Bad bacteria can settle in, inflaming the gums and causing cavities, infection, tooth loss—and a stinky mouth.

Brushing may not be sufficient to keep oral bacteria at bay in your pet, especially in small dogs and cats, whose teeth are closer together and more prone to periodontal disease.


Win the battle in your pet’s mouth.

“Being proactive about your pup’s oral health will not only make your life together more pleasant, it’s smart preventive medicine,” recommends the ASPCA.

Giving your pet ProBioraPet® daily reinforces the positive bacteria in your pet’s mouth and crowds out the unhealthy bacteria, including those that can create bad breath.

Just sprinkle ProBioraPet into your pet’s food bowl once a day to support your pet’s tooth and gum health, whiten your pet’s teeth and freshen her breath.

Of course, if your pet suffers persistent bad breath along with other symptoms, you should consult your veterinarian.

Give your pet the gift of fresh breath with ProBioraPet.

A Probiotic Breakthrough

ProBioraPet is the first probiotic powder specifically designed for your pet’s oral and dental care. Each scoop contains our patented probiotic blend, ProBiora3®, in a concentration specifically formulated to address the oral care needs of dogs and cats.


Convenient Purchase Options

Just want to try ProBioraPet once? Great! Ready to sign up for a monthly regimen? Even better. We offer several options to suit your needs.


ProBioraPet is easy-to-use.

Even your most finicky pets will accept ProBioraPet, since it is undetectable, but you’ll notice the improved breath and whiter teeth.


Sprinkle ProBioraPet on your pet’s food once daily. Note: Food must be eaten within 2 hours of sprinkling.


Once daily way to clean your pet’s teeth and freshen their breath – without the brush or fuss.

ProBioraPet Best Practices

Keep bottle closed at all times. Do not remove the desiccant pack from bottle. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposure to heat and humidity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Probiotics are live microbial organisms that are naturally present throughout the body. They are often referred to as “beneficial” or “good” bacteria. There are specific strains of probiotics that are beneficial for helping to make your pets’ breath fresher and promoting cleaner, whiter teeth. These probiotics are different from the good bacteria used to promote digestive health. The good bacteria in ProBioraPet work by crowding out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, resulting in fresher breath and cleaner, whiter teeth for your pets.

Non-GMO Soy protein isolate, ProBiora3®, (Streptococcus oralis KJ3®, Streptococcus uberis KJ2®, Streptococcus rattus JH145®), silicon dioxide.

Many pets are used to the way their food looks, and so they may be a little hesitant to eat the ProBioraPet the first time you sprinkle it on their food. Most pets, however, will begin eating the ProBioraPet sprinkles with their food as soon as they get used to seeing it.

When used as directed, you’ll notice your pet's breath getting fresher within the first month.

Because some pets can be finicky eaters, ProBioraPet has no flavor or odor. Your pets won’t even know you’re doing something good for them – but you will!

No. ProBioraPet is shelf-stable at room temperature.

Simply sprinkle one scoop (one gram) of ProBioraPet on your pet's food just before feeding once a day. Note: Food must be eaten within 2 hours of sprinkling.

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply

Yes. Because the ProBiora3® blend of probiotics in ProBioraPet only acts locally in the mouth, one scoop is the correct dosage for dogs and cats of all sizes.

No. Because the ProBiora3 blend of probiotics in ProBioraPet only acts locally in the mouth, one scoop is the correct dosage for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Since ProBioraPet is specifically designed to be sprinkled on pet's food, it is best to wait until your kitten or puppy is eating food to introduce these oral care probiotics.

Yes. ProBioraPet is a 100% natural grooming aid that is completely safe for use with pets that are pregnant or nursing.

Absolutely! ProBioraPet is a great grooming and oral health aid for older pets, who are more likely to have bad breath and yellow, stained teeth.

Yes, ProBioraPet contains no known allergens and is considered safe for pets with allergies.

Yes. There are no known interactions between ProBioraPet and medications. In fact, it is wise to use ProBioraPet during and after a course of antibiotics, which can disrupt the bacterial balance in the mouth. As with use for any medication, it is suggested that you check with your Vet for more information.

Absolutely. While other probiotics are designed for gut health, only ProBioraPet contains probiotics that act only in the mouth to naturally freshen breath and make smiles whiter and brighter.

ProBioraPet contains only soy protein isolate, not the complete soy bean. Essentially all of the soy bean components that might be associated with metabolic illnesses in pets are removed during processing of the protein powder; e.g., trypsin inhibitors, phytic acid, isoflavones and suponins. Also, the soy is from a non-GMO source, which is safe for companion pets.

Start Now!

ProBioraPet is available immediately to consumers. One bottle equals a 30-day supply, which is typically all it takes to notice brighter, whiter teeth, fresher breath and a healthier mouth!