Our branded ProBiora3® products were launched beginning in 2009 and are available through various distribution channels. We selected our distribution channels by focusing on our potential channel impact, as well as potential return on marketing expenditures.


Our direct-to-consumer channel is primarily directed towards web-based sales, comprised of Internet sales through our own website. Our consumer products include:

ProBioraPlus, a unique, once-a-day oral care probiotic mint that supports and maintains good oral health using a balance of bacteria, just the way nature intended.

ProBioraXtra, an extra minty version of ProBioraPlus, in handy travel packaging.

ProBioraPet, a once-daily way to clean a pet’s teeth and freshen its breath – without the brush or fuss.

To purchase ProBioraPlus, ProBioraXtra and ProBioraPet, go to

Professional Practices

ProBioraPro The professional offices channel encompasses general dentists, orthodontists and other dental specialists, dental hygienists, physicians and chiropractors. ProBioraPro is an extra-strength probiotic designed to be taken after dental cleaning or treatment. We currently have distribution agreements with leading distributors of products to the dental professional market. If you are interested in offering ProBioraPro in your practice, go to

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ProBioraPet, our pet formulation is ideal for distribution through the professional pet care channel. ProBioraPet is a natural fit for a veterinarian office and animal hospital, pet day care center, grooming and retail pet supply store. If you would like to offer ProBioraPet to your customers, visit

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Private Label Powered by ProBiora3®


ProBiora Health® has arrangements whereby we offer either our products for resale under a third-party’s brand name or the rights to distribute our branded products. We typically establish private labeling arrangements in order to leverage an existing company’s brand equity and distribution channels. We have private label partnerships allowing for distribution of ProBiora3® based products throughout the United States. If you would like to explore a private label opportunity, please contact us.


Since the launch of our first product, ProBioraPet, we have entered into exclusive distribution agreements for all ProBiora3® products internationally in various geographic locations. We believe the international market represents a significant potential opportunity, and we continually search for appropriate partners who have the marketing ability and resources to successfully introduce our ProBiora3® products to consumers internationally. If you are interested in an international distribution agreement, please contact us.


ProBiora Health® uses contract manufacturing to leverage the economies of scale and unique expertise of these larger organizations.